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Intellectual Asset Management

We believe that the ability to clearly identify and make use of intellectual assets will be an increasingly important factor in achieving this goal.

1. Intellectual Assets

Companies ensure ongoing prosperity and profit by consistently differentiating themselves from competitors. In this process, companies must enhance their operations and increase the differentiation of the products and services they offer. Identifying their important management resources and sources of competitiveness is also essential. Specific technologies, expertise, human resources and business models are some factors that lead to differentiation but are invisible to the casual observer. Determining an entity's true corporate value requires the evaluation of these company-specific strengths. DBJ's activities related to intellectual assets are designed to foster the application of these intangible sources of corporate value, which underpin a company's future economic performance.

2. DBJ's View on Intellectual Assets

Dating back to the time of our predecessor institutions, we have considered maintaining the trust of our clients and society at large to be our most important objective. From this standpoint, we have created a wide variety of networks spanning both the public and private sectors.
Based on the our four core values, our executives and regular employees have developed the ability to evaluate companies and projects over the long term. We have accumulated a wealth of expertise in long-term screening and evaluation of projects and a keen awareness of addressing issues that are products of the times, including broad-based issues faced by local communities.

3. The Three Intellectual Assets

One school of thought defines intellectual assets as the understanding of and reporting on an entity's networks and customer bases (related structural assets), management team and employees (human resources) and intellectual assets and business processes (organizational structural assets).
This is precisely the philosophy behind the “Core Competencies That Underlie Our Corporate Philosophy,” which express DBJ's strengths and abilities.

<Will: Human Resources>
First, a long-term, neutral perspective, not aspiring to short-term gains, stands at the heart of the will of all employees. These human resources are the continuity behind DBJ's sense of innovation and challenge toward new business.

<Wisdom: Organizational Structural Assets>
Second are our reputed surveys and visionary screening abilities. We provide services that meet the diverse needs of customers through advanced financial methods and consolidated execution of investment and finance.

<With: Related Structural Assets>
Third, “with” refers to coalitions—with industry and autonomous bodies, financial institutions and other organizations—which are another DBJ strength. Our financial platform, which integrates non-funding and funding capacities, enables us to develop broader-ranging and more diverse activities.


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