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Financial Platform

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Example 6: M&A Advisory Services
Amid an increasingly diverse range of corporate development options, business restructuring that involves operational selection and focus, as well as industry restructuring, M&A activity is increasingly prevalent. Although M&A activity sometimes connotes hostile takeovers, mergers and acquisitions can be a method for achieving better employment stability and a stronger competitive position. As negotiating the value of a target entity is burdensome, in the past large corporations were the main participants in M&A activities. However, to meet a growing interest in M&A by regional companies and the increasing desire of overseas companies to develop operations in Japan, we have begun offering M&A advisory services that make use of our own information infrastructure. These services utilize the wide-ranging networks that DBJ has cultivated through other operations and include networks involving cooperation with regional financial institutions, as well as legal and accounting firms and other organizations. Through our M&A advisory services, we provide clients of all sizes in a wide range of businesses with strategic consulting, long-term advice for companies on the buying or selling end of M&A activities, financing and various other services.
Example 7: Safety Net Functions
In addition to earthquakes, typhoons and other large-scale natural disasters, financial system stability can be affected by the spread of SARS, BSE and other diseases, the outbreak of terrorism or myriad other factors. In such times of crisis, when unexpected financial needs arise peacetime financial platforms may cease to function, resulting in direct consequences for businesses that provide economically and socially important services. In preparation for such eventualities, we play the role of a safety net for businesses of economic and social importance by drawing upon aspects that remain unchanged from our peacetime persona.the ability to evaluate risk based on a long-term perspective and substantial intellectual assets.

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