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DBJ's history

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1. Reconstruction and independence of the economy (1951-1955)

In 1951, Japan Development Bank was established following a post-reconstruction finance development public corporation model. Japan Development Bank commenced accommodation loans to facilitate the development of power supply, which forms the basis of the economy and industry, and the rationalization, modernization and cultivation of coal, steel, marine transportation and other major industries.

Reconstruction of the industrial infrastructure and major industries

Kawasaki Steel Corporation: Construction of Chiba Steelworks (Chiba Prefecture)
(currently JFE Steel Corporation)

Modernization of steelmaking through construction of the first postwar blast furnace

Toyota Motor Corporation: Modernization of facilities through procurement of imported machinery (Aichi Prefecture)

Modernization of the domestic automobile industry through refurbishment of production facilities

Taiheiyo Coal Mining Co., Ltd.: Kushiro Coal Mine (Hokkaido)

Increased coal production for domestically produced energy

Kyushu Electric Power Co., Ltd.: Kamishiiba Hydroelectric Power Station (Miyazaki Prefecture)

Increased electric power as the basic energy for society and industry

2. High-growth infrastructure development (1956-1965)

Aiming for further industrial growth and balanced interregional development, Japan Development Bank improved and reinforced the industrial base and cultivated and modernized the new industries that powered new economic expansion, such as chemical fibers, machine tools and petrochemicals. In addition, we provided loans for local development to correct regional disparities.
In 1957, the Hokkaido Development Finance Public Corporation restructured to establish the Hokkaido-Tohoku Development Finance Public Corporation and commenced investment and financing to promote industry in these two regions of northern Japan.

Improvement and reinforcement of the industrial base

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.: The Tonegawa Maru tanker

Maintained the tanker, which was indispensable for import of energy and raw materials

Other examples: Japan Atomic Power Company, Tokai Power Station

Strengthening of industrial quality and international competitiveness

Asahi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (currently Asahi Kasei Corporation): Construction of the Fuji Plant for production of Cashmilon? acrylic staple fiber (Shizuoka Prefecture)

Promotion of the synthetic fiber industry

Other examples: Japan Electronic Computer Company, promotion of domestically produced computers
Nippondenso Co., Ltd. (currently DENSO Corporation), rationalization of manufacturing facilities for automotive parts
Hitachi Seiki Co., Ltd., machine tools

Balanced interregional development-support for regional development

Yoshida Kogyo Co., Ltd. (currently YKK Corporation), Kurobe Factory

Promotion of local industry

Other examples: Keisei Electric Railway Co., Ltd., access construction for the subway Asakusa Line
Keisei Electric Railway Co., Ltd., access construction for the subway Asakusa Line

3. Development of international competitiveness and social development loans (1966-1971)

Aiming to hone international competitiveness in accord with the transition to an open economic system, Japan Development Bank focused on support for industrial system improvements and independent technological development.
We also emphasized social development through regional development, urban redevelopment, logistics modernization, pollution prevention and other measures in a bid to relieve the problems of high-level growth.

Improvement and reinforcement of the industrial base

Nippon Mining Co., Ltd. (currently Japan Energy Corporation): Mizushima Refinery (Okayama Prefecture)

Cultivation of domestic oil companies

Other examples: Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd., container vessels

Strengthening international competitiveness and promoting technological development

Sony Corporation: Trinitron color television factory

Promotion of home-grown technologies through commercial application of new technologies

Other examples: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., production facilities for passenger vehicles
Toa Domestic Airlines (currently Japan Airlines Corporation), procurement of YS-11 aircraft

Balanced interregional development?support for regional development

NEC Kyushu, Ltd.: Kumamoto Factory (Kumamoto Prefecture)

Regional promotion through construction of integrated circuit plants

Other examples: Tateyama Kurobe Kanko Co., Ltd., Tateyama Ropeway
Utaka Kokudo Ferry Co., Ltd., introduction of ferry services

Urban redevelopment and functional improvements

Kinki Nippon Railway Co., Ltd.: Urban access (Osaka Prefecture)

Improvements to metropolitan area traffic networks

Other examples: Tokyo Ryutsu Center Inc., construction of wholesale center building

Promotion of antipollution measures

Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd.: Flue gas desulfurization facilities (Ibaraki Prefecture)

Promotion of antipollution measures for the steel industry

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