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DBJ's history

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7. Establishment of the Development Bank of Japan and “community development, environmental conservation and sustainable societies, and creation of new technologies and industries” (1999-2008)

In 1999, the Japan Development Bank and the Hokkaido-Tohoku Development Finance Public Corporation were dissolved and the Development Bank of Japan (DBJ) was established. DBJ focused its operations in three areas—community development, environmental conservation and sustainable societies, and creation of new technologies and industries—aggressively introducing a variety of new financial practices and contributing to the sustainable development of Japan's economy through the provision of financial solutions.

Support for regional revitalization

Business regeneration for local enterprises

The Former Niigata Tekkosho Co., Ltd.

Through such methods as DIP financing, mergers and acquisitions, and business revitalization funds, DBJ supports local companies, helping communities maintain excellent supplies of technical expertise and employment opportunities.

Project finance for public finance initiative (PFI) businesses

Chiba Omiya School Meals Service: PFI to provide school meals (Chiba Prefecture)

School meals center in a PFI contract between the municipal authority and business Support for various businesses, including Kazusa Clean System Co., Ltd., Japan's first PFI business

Urban revitalization funds

WKC special purpose company: Muse Kawasaki Project (Kanagawa Prefecture)

Redevelopment operations in the environs of Kawasaki Station West Exit utilizing mezzanine finance and other methods

Increasingly advanced regional financing functions

Support for bond issues by regional enterprises: Toyama Prefecture

Reinforced functions Functional enhancement of loans tied to local communities through tie-ups with regional financial institutions

Public-private partnership initiatives

Finance for the privatization of Nakano Sun Plaza (Tokyo)

Private-sector outsourcing of public assetsBusiness collaboration agreement with Osaka City Waterworks Bureau that promotes PPPs

Environmental measures and lifestyle infrastructure

Promoting environmentally responsible business management

Nippon Express Co., Ltd.: Environmentally responsible business management promotion operations (Tokyo)

Support for environmental ratings to evaluate appropriate environmental management and global warming countermeasuresEnvironmental ratings span the performances of a number of companies, including: ISEKI & Co., Ltd.; Shigagin Lease Capital Co., Ltd.; Suntory Limited; and Mazda Motor Corporation.

Supporting disaster countermeasures

The Yasuda Warehouse Co., Ltd.: Disaster countermeasure promotion operations (Tokyo)

Promotion of disaster countermeasure operations, such as improvements to disaster prevention schemes and information systems

Nuclear fuel cycle

Japan Nuclear Fuel Ltd.: Reprocessing facilities for spent nuclear fuel (Aomori Prefecture)

Establishment of a nuclear fuel cycle to enhance energy and security provision

Upgrading traffic networks

Tokyu Corporation: Changeover of railways to overpasses and underpasses (Tokyo)

Removal of crossing gates and utilization of effective space effectively utilization as a result of changeover

Care and welfare facilities

Yugen Kaisha Hospitality Residence: Hyldemoer Kodomo-no-Kuni care facilities (Kanagawa Prefecture)

Improvements to care facilities in response to the aging of Japan's population

Creation of Technologies and Industries

Industrial reorganization and enhanced international competitiveness

IPS Alpha Technology, Ltd.: Liquid-crystal panel production base (Chiba Prefecture)

Improvements to production and technological base through liquid-crystal panel industrial reorganization

Space technology research and development

Galaxy Express Corporation: Public-private joint rocket development (Tokyo)

Development to realize the world's first LNG-fuelled rocket

Technological development of regional leading enterprises

Mazda Motor Corporation: New-model engine development (Hiroshima Prefecture)

Development of a new-model engine with low fuel consumption and noise levels

Support for venture enterprises

Wealthy Corporation: Development of a membrane filtration system for groundwater

Support for venture enterprises utilizing stock acquisition right loans and other methods

Support cultivation of the contents industry

Anime Innovation Tokyo Co., Ltd.: Animation production business (Tokyo)

Production of and cultivation of artists for world-class-quality animated work

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