Other Reports

This section introduces DBJ's survey reports.

Title Date of issue Summary PDF Full PDF
Possibility of pushing forward digitalization of Japanese medical sites Sep. 2018 Full PDF(444KB)
Future Management of Japanese Hospitals June. 2017 Full PDF(221KB)
Market Circumstances of Medical Device Industry and Logic for Building a Strategy for Innovation by Japanese Companies Jul. 2016 Full PDF(498KB)
Greater Female Presence Means Better Corporate Performance Apr. 2016 Full PDF(1.2MB)
Method of Innovation for Japanese Med-Tech Industry
- Essence of Silicon Valley Style and How Japan Can Tap IT -
Sep. 2015 Full PDF(466KB)
2014 Survey of Travelers to Japan from Eight Asian Regions Dec. 2014 Full PDF(1.3MB)
Reference Material PDF(542KB)
2014 Global Risk Landscape
A DBJ Survey of Japan's Local Communities on Comprehensive Risk Assessment and Attitudes toward Resilience:
Mar. 2014 Full PDF(2.3MB)
Cable Television: The Industry Today and Its Outlook for the Future Nov. 2013 Full PDF(612KB)
Silicon Valley's “Ecosystem” for the Development of Medical Devices
--- What are Its Lessons for Japan? ---
Sep. 2013 Full PDF(605KB)