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Management System

DBJ operates under the Development Bank of Japan Inc. Law, which states the Bank's corporate philosophy. In accordance with this law, our fundamental management policy is to forge impartial and positive relations with various stakeholders, and build corporate value over the long term. In line with this basic policy, we strive to create a corporate governance system that has appropriate monitoring and supervisory functions to ensure proper and efficient operations, as well as to heighten decision-making transparency.

1. DBJ's Organization and Structure

DBJ's structure separates the managerial and execution functions. On the management side, the Board of Directors supervises management activities by setting fundamental policies for Bank management and management strategies, and supervising the status of operations. The Management Council, composed of all operating officers and including the Representative Director, is responsible for the execution of everyday operations. The Operations Auditing Committee, Compensation Committee and other Board of Directors level committees fulfill the internal checking function, and auditors monitor the directors' execution of their tasks.

2. Internal Control System

DBJ's basic policy on internal control systems is established by resolution of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors forms the apex of the risk management structure the Operations Auditing, Compensation and other committees. Risk management is conducted in accordance with ALM Committee activities, with important committee topics subject to approval by resolution of the Board of Directors. The Board handles corporate oversight of the execution of operations based on the risk management reports it receives.

3. Personnel Strategy

DBJ seeks to ensure a high level of employee motivation and be a place where people are proud to work. To these ends, we seek to cultivate and train personnel to maintain a shared philosophy based on a strong sense of ethics and to create a highly transparent workplace.

4. Compliance System

Legal Compliance
DBJ has established a Compliance Policy to ensure thorough compliance with all laws and regulations. We endeavor to cultivate a compliance-oriented corporate culture.
Compliance Affairs
DBJ recognizes that a having robust compliance system is essential to maintaining the trust of its clients. Consequently, we accord this system high management importance. Various compliance activities are described below.
  • Compliance System Creation and Operation
    DBJ has created the General Risk Management Committee, composed of Bank executives, to deliberate compliance risks.
    The committee confers with the compliance officers located at each branch regarding the compliance situation of each division,and confirms reporting and communicating compliance-related issues.
    The committee aims to quickly understand and resolve compliance-related issues. For this reason, the committee operates through a line of communications outside the standard lines of reporting. We have created the Compliance Hotline, which communicates with the committee, acting as an internal compliance communications desk.
  • Awareness of Compliance Items
    DBJ has prepared a Compliance Manual, which contains specific behavioral guidelines that ensure legal compliance. The manual is distributed to all executives and employees. To thoroughly educate all executives and employees, the Bank also holds training seminars and briefings.
  • Compliance Programs
    DBJ formulates detailed compliance programs for each fiscal year. After discussion in the General Risk Management Committee the “action plans”.

5. Internal Audit Systems

DBJ has established the Internal Audit Department under the direct supervision of the DBJ president and independent from other operating departments. The department conducts inspections to ensure the appropriateness and effectiveness of internal controls, including the Bank’s overall operational compliance and risk management, and performs evaluations and recommends improvements.


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