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About New Business Development Support

DBJ Connect is a program by which DBJ’s corporate clients that are planning to develop certain new business models are connected with start-ups. The program aims to assist corporate clients in resolving not only procedural issues but also insufficient knowhow, ideas or personnel to implement new measures. DBJ’s first step in assisting its corporate clients via this program is to use the Internet to solicit collaboration plans from start-ups. When a potential match is identified, DBJ then facilitates the communication and collaboration between its corporate client and the start-up, thereby accelerating the partnering process.

The various modes of collaboration include acquisition, joint venture, non-controlling investment, and outsourcing, and the DBJ Connect program includes proof of concept measures to verify the feasibility of the chosen mode and plan.

After the organizational matters are settled, both sides consider project plans that are compatible with the existing internal framework of the corporate client. Then they create schedules and put together teams to develop the plans in detail and ultimately implement them.

The overall aim is to extract the maximum possible results within a limited timeframe using a limited number of personnel. The corporate client half in the collaboration is expected to also benefit in terms of personnel training, as its employees who are seconded to the start-ups will be exposed to new technologies and practical processes that they can later disseminate upon their return to the corporation.

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