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Loan Procedures

From Initial Consultation to Loan Disbursement

DBJ strives to help clients find the right loan with the right terms to meet their funding needs. We also consult with clients regarding funding operations costs for projects and management planning. To get started, you need only provide us with a simple overview of your company or project.

Business Plan Inspection and Review

Upon receiving a loan application, DBJ reviews the applicant’s organization and the profit potential of its business plan to determine the appropriate terms and conditions of the loan.


Financing is provided through loans on deed.

Financing Conditions

Loan Limits

There are no maximum limits on loan amounts. Loan amounts are determined by DBJ through consultation and review.

Loan Terms

DBJ determines the appropriate loan terms based upon its evaluation of factors such as the potential profitability of the project and the expected life of the equipment or facility. Deferment periods may be arranged, as necessary.


DBJ primarily provides medium- to long-term financing for its customers. Loan interest rates depend upon the details of the particular project and the credit strength of the customer, as well as financial market fluctuations.
DBJ also considers reduced interest rate financing through national and regional government entities.

(Example of Reduced Interest Loans)

In an effort to provide capital as a means of addressing global warming issues, customers can receive a maximum of 1% reduction on loan interest rates through DBJ's program for promoting environmentally responsible business management. This system requires clients to pledge to reduce their per-unit C02 emissions 5% or more within five years.


Collateral and guarantees are determined by DBJ through consultation and review.


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