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Case Study: Takeda General Hospital

With principal facilities in Minami-Aizu, Fukushima Prefecture, Takeda General Hospital is one of the largest private hospitals in Japan. The hospital plays a pivotal role in providing medical care throughout the region via satellite hospitals, regional maternal and natal care centers, and regional cancer diagnosis partnership centers. Takeda General aims to completely renovate its facilities, as well as to open a new wing in fiscal 2011. Completing these plans will enable the hospital to serve the region even better.

The DBJ Initiative

We entered into an operational agreement with the Toho Bank, Ltd., in November 2003, and obtained the full cooperation of key financial institutions in the Tohoku region (Aizu Commerce and Industry Credit Cooperative, Akita Bank Co., Ltd., the 77 Bank, Ltd., the Shoko Chukin Bank, Joyo Bank, Ltd., the Daishi Bank, Ltd., Fukushima Bank, and Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance Company Ltd.) in arranging long-term, large-scale financing through a syndicated loan that matched Takeda General's operational plans, as well as plans to construct a new wing. For the alliance of Tohoku financial institutions, the project broke new ground as a syndicated healthcare-related loan for the Tohoku region. The project raises hopes for the growth of the region's healthcare sector, and by extension, for greater vitality in the region as a whole.


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