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In an environment characterized by growing needs for the operational selection and focus of group businesses, the formulation of growth strategies and heightened corporate governance demands, equity has taken on a more important meaning than ever before.
Through equity investment, DBJ helps clients address the issues they face and promotes their long-term development. After making equity investments, DBJ provides total solutions involving its networks and strengths in information, research and financing technologies, helping clients maximize their long-term corporate value.
Through equity investment, DBJ shares the benefits of clients' growth, while at the same time helping them achieve future prosperity.

Details of Initiatives

Client Needs

  • Growing needs for operational selection and focus
  • Formulation of growth strategies for globalization
  • Growth strategies making use of the capital markets
    (mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, etc.)

DBJ's Solutions

  • Inject growth capital
    Capital injections into individual companies, SPCs, various funds, etc.
  • Globalization measures
    Encourage companies from overseas to take part in the Japanese market, support Japanese companies' efforts to expand overseas
  • Provide solutions after making investment
    Provide total solutions involving DBJ's networks and strengths in information, research and financing technologies.


  • Resolve clients' issues
  • Help clients grow over the long term and maximize corporate value

Case Study

Asahi Fiber Glass Co., Ltd.

DBJ gave high marks to Asahi Fiber Glass for its future operating strategy to drive growth in the industrial materials sector, and its overall business potential. Accordingly, we joined an investment-oriented limited liability group to acquire all shares of Asahi Fiber Glass stock.

NRS Corporation

DBJ injected equity and fortified the capital position of NRS Corporation, which forms the backbone of the group, and spurred group restructuring. In addition, we worked cooperatively from finance through business aspects of the group's operations, formulating a business continuity plan (BCP) between NRS and DBJ, along with the Japan Economic Research Institute (JERI)

UDS Mezzanine Fund

Mezzanine financing consists primarily of preferred stock and subordinated loans. While a need exists for such financing with respect to enterprise business reorganization, the number of providers of capital in such circumstances is limited. We have assembled this fund to conduct corporate mezzanine funding and make a commitment to building the mezzanine financing market.


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