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Case Study: NRS Corporation

NRS Corporation and the NRS Group are involved in the transportation and storage of such dangerous substances as raw materials for chemical products. The group's highly specialized expertise and reliable safety record have gained it a leading position in the Japanese market for consistent distribution of hazardous items. Recently, NRS has been expanding its operations to meet the increased demand for semiconductor materials and the accompanying needs for temperature-controlled logistics, consolidating distribution bases to support advances by manufacturers overseas, carrying out mergers and acquisitions of international distribution companies that provide services worldwide, and by gaining International Air Transport Association (IATA) certification to facilitate participation in international air distribution business.
This rapid growth has spurred a pressing need for NRS to revise its financial strategies and capital policies. This expansion has also necessitated group restructuring for NRS Corporation, which forms the core of the group, and its operating companies in Japan and overseas.

The DBJ Initiative

DBJ injected equity and fortified the capital position of NRS Corporation, which forms the backbone of the group, and spurred group restructuring. In addition, we worked cooperatively from finance through business aspects of the group's operations, formulating a business continuity plan (BCP*) between NRS and DBJ, along with the Japan Economic Research Institute (JERI), for business continuity on a level beyond conventional disaster prevention that will ensure stable operation of shipper enterprise plants and high-security distribution.

*Contingency plans to minimize damage to business assets in the eventuality of crisis situations, such as natural disasters, major fire damage and acts of terrorism, and including activities to be carried out during normal operations and methods and procedures for business continuity in emergencies to facilitate continuance of core operations and swift recovery.


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