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Local community invigoration

Corporate Expansion an Essential Element of Community Revitalization and Invigoration

DBJ considers regional community development a pillar of its future operations. To assist our activities in this sphere, we are creating networks comprising the customers of companies in local communities, as well as regional public-sector entities, economic federations and chambers of commerce.
By putting these relationships to use, we help forge liaisons between regional financial institutions and regional municipal bodies, providing both financial and advisory services to support operations targeting local community revitalization and core regional businesses.


  • Exploit relationships with regional financial institutions toward business revitalization and succession
  • Privatize gas works, railways, hospitals and other public-sector institutions
  • Revitalize local companies using their inventories as collateral
  • Align regional revitalization plans to make use of interest rate subsidies

DBJ employs such financing tactics as part of its integrated investment and loan services.

Advisory Services

Regional Health Checks

In response to requests by chambers of commerce, companies and municipal bodies, DBJ gathers statistical data and conducts inspections to determine underlying regional issues and propose ideas for future community-building


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