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Social Infrastructure

Toward a Sustainable 21st Century Society

DBJ has worked toward the development and advancement of Japan's economic society and improvements to people's lifestyles since the era of postwar recovery. We are applying this accumulated experience and expertise to support customer endeavors to upgrade and improve social infrastructure.

Transportation Infrastructure

Airports, aviation, railroads, buses, roads, etc.

Information Infrastructure

We are supporting environmental measures through investment and loans in the broadcasting and communications sectors.

Essential Utilities

Formerly, roads and other infrastructure were simply maintained after construction. Examples of infrastructure finance measures essential for aftermarket cultivation are still limited in Japan. However, the following case studies Ashinoko Skyline Toll Road business transfer transactions serve as cases that should cultivate the aftermarket through influx of new expertise to improve efficiency and effective application of assets.

From a neutral standpoint, we incorporated a broad range of measures, from the long-term vision of the project's conception through support for partnerships by multiple enterprises.

Case Study

Tokyu Corporation

Through the stable supply of long-term funds, DBJ is cooperating in upgrading this invaluable social infrastructure.


DJB was involved in the project conception from a neutral standpoint, and provided project finance to PASMO Co., Ltd., the company that issues and manages PASMO reusable prepaid travel cards.


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