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Resources and energy

Development and stable supply of the resources that are essential to Japanese industry

  • By supporting resource development, the construction of facilities to store reserves of oil and other resources and the promotion of nuclear power generation and nuclear fuel cycling, DBJ helps ensure the stable supply of resources and energy that are essential to Japan's industrial growth.
  • DBJ devises a host of financing schemes related to resources and energy by applying its accumulated expertise and making full use of its networks.

Case Study

Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited (JNFL)

Building a nuclear fuel cycle demands a tremendous amount of money and construction time. DBJ is helping to advance the project by providing a reliable stream of long-term capital, and supporting the establishment of an energy source that will be reliable over the long term.

DOWA Group (Kosaka Smelting & Refining)

DBJ provides the DOWA Group with long-term, stable funds that enable it to meet demand for rare and other non-ferrous metals, which is expanding in line with their increased used in personal computers, LCDs and other components. Through such efforts, DBJ supports new initiatives in this field.

Fukuoka Clean Energy Corporation

DBJ addressed this situation by structuring an arrangement involving a direct agreement between the city of Fukuoka and Kyushu Electric and a banking syndicate, providing financing to be repaid through fees received from the city of Fukuoka for processing waste and through income from the sale of electricity to Kyushu Electric. This scheme clearly outlined the division of risks, enabling long-term financing from other financial institutions.


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