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Case History: Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited (JNFL)

Japan depends on imports for most of its energy supplies, so ensuring an energy supply that will be stable over the long term is a crucial policy issue. Building a nuclear fuel cycle that will allow reuse of plutonium and other materials that are obtained from reprocessed spent nuclear fuel was therefore highly anticipated.
 Founded with the objective of creating a commercially viable nuclear fuel cycle, Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited (JNFL), which is headquartered in Rokkasho, Aomori Prefecture, is engaged in such activities as enriching uranium, reprocessing spent nuclear fuel and processing radioactive waste.

The DBJ Initiative

Building a nuclear fuel cycle demands a tremendous amount of money and construction time. DBJ is helping to advance the project by providing a reliable stream of long-term capital, and supporting the establishment of an energy source that will be reliable over the long term.


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