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Disaster Recovery

In the eventuality of major fires and other crises, the timely provision of requisite operating, post-disaster recovery and restoration capital is vital to minimize damage and facilitate continuity of operations and swift recovery.
Disaster Recovery response requires persons with sufficient knowledge of the afflicted area to grasp the local situation and immediate measures to restore basic infrastructure. This response requires knowledge of basic infrastructure industry and operation and expertise in the supply of long-term funds.
DJB provided support for disaster recovery following the Great Hanshin Earthquake of 1995 and the Mid Niigata Prefecture Earthquake of 2004. As a designated financial institution following privatization, we shall continue in our business to facilitate emergency response.

Case Study

Response to the Mid Niigata Prefecture Earthquake

At the time of the Mid Niigata Prefecture Earthquake of 2004, DBJ furnished earthquake recovery funds to Hokuriku Gas Co., Ltd., Echigo-Kotsu Bussan K.K. and Echigoseika Bussan Co., Ltd., all of which have major impact on the regional infrastructure and economy.


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