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[[News]]Women’s ¥10M Entrepreneurship Competition in Spring

In a move to help women-led firms develop into growth businesses promoting healthy social and economic change, the Development Bank of Japan (Tōru Hashimoto, President and CEO) will hold a Women’s Business Plan Competition in the spring of 2012.

With a shrinking workforce caused by a stagnating economy and ageing population, compounded by the many challenges of rebuilding from the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami, Japan needs the energy and new perspectives that women entrepreneurs can bring. Yet the challenges faced by women starting up new businesses are daunting. Many have little business experience or must juggle the demands of household and workplace. Obtaining information, contacts and financing presents other problems. No comprehensive support system has existed, not only to help women get their companies up and running, but to provide them with the start-up financing and follow-up support that make all the difference between success and failure.

On November 11, 2011, DBJ opened the DBJ Women Enterpreneurs Center as a platform for such support activities, of which the Women’s Business Plan Competition will be the first. Candidates will compete for prizes of up to 10 million yen – and, after the competition, a support system involving outside entrepreneurs and professionals will help the winners refine start-up skills, business networks, and the ability to turn a business plan into a functioning enterprise.

Information on the competition, including application guidelines, is now available on the DBJ website. The application deadline is in late February; winners will be chosen in May.

Providing aspiring businesswomen with integrated support is in keeping with the DBJ corporate philosophy: “Applying Financial Expertise to Design the Future.”

DBJ Women Entrepreneurs Center
Corporate Finance Department, Division 4
Telephone: +81-3-3244-1652 


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