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[[News]]DBJ to Launch Co-investment Program with San-in Godo Bank
for Investment in Foreign Private Equity Funds

Development Bank of Japan Inc.
DBJ Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Development Bank of Japan Inc. (President & CEO: Masanori Yanagi; “DBJ”) and DBJ Asset Management Co., Ltd. (President: Suguru Takahashi; “DBJAM”) are launching a co-investment program with The San-in Godo Bank, Ltd. (President: Fumio Ishimaru) to invest in foreign private equity funds (“PE funds”). DBJ Asset Management will be responsible for finding and providing investment opportunities.

PE funds invest in private companies, seeking returns through IPOs or sales to other firms after improving the enterprise value of the target companies by helping them grow or restructure. To Japanese regional financial institutions, PE funds are a means of diversifying their asset portfolios and obtaining effective solutions for their clients. These include alliances with companies invested in by the PE funds and support for their clients’ overseas expansion.

The DBJ group has been investing in PE funds since 2006. Starting this year, DBJAM has focused on providing excellent investment opportunities to Japanese investors, drawing on well-honed skills and a dedicated global network established over many years. Collaborating with regional financial institutions to invest in foreign PE funds is a new framework for the DBJ group. Through it we hope to contribute to the development of business opportunities for regional banks and the sustainability of regional economies and communities.

The DBJ group’s corporate philosophy is “Applying financial expertise to design the future.” Using creative financing techniques, we are committed to working with customers to resolve their problems, earn their trust and build a prosperous future. We shall continue to play an active role in invigorating Japan’s financial and capital markets.

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