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No.66 (September 2015) Survey on Planned Capital Spending for Fisical Years 2014,2015 and 2016(Conducted in June 2015)

Publication of 2015 Survey on Planned Capital Spending

Development Bank of Japan Inc.(“DBJ”: President & CEO Masanori Yanagi) is pleased to announce the publication of a survey on planned capital spending for fiscal years 2014, 2015 and 2016 titled “The fourth straight year of increase led by manufacturers: Trend in domestic fields rising on the back of brisk earnings”.

According to the survey, planned domestic capital spending of major firms for FY2015 in industry as a whole shows an increase (up 13.9%), with investment rising in both manufacturing and non-manufacturing, sustaining a rising trend for the fourth straight year.

Domestic capital spending in FY2015 may be characterized as follows.

1.Trend in domestic fields rising on the back of brisk earnings in the manufacturing sector
In manufacturing, increased spending for electronic components, automobiles and high-functioning products is expected. Spending has been expanding in materials, components and intermediate goods for final products in areas of growing demand such as eco-cars and smartphones, in which Japanese firms have competitiveness.
2.Continuous growth in infrastructure investment in electric power & gas, transportation and real estate in the non-manufacturing sector
In non-manufacturing, increases in spending in logistics and commercial facilities and in real estate redevelopment are observed due to diversification of consumer spending, a rise in the number of inbound tourists and the need to replace aging urban infrastructure. In transport, spending in Shinkansen and railway improvement is the driver. In electric power & gas, an increase is led by spending for stable supply of electric power.

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Please note that no information regarding individual firms will be provided by DBJ as this survey is conducted under conditions of confidentiality.

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