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Management Plan

The Third Medium-term Management Plan
(Released on May 16, 2014)

As a one-stop provider of integrated investment and loan services, DBJ works daily to meet the expectations of our many and diverse stakeholders. Supporting Japan's sustained growth as a global innovator who provides real economy-anchored risk money and original knowledge, DBJ works with diverse financial players to resolve Japan's problems from a long-term perspective - catalyzing the smoothly functioning financial market, opening new business frontiers, and making livable communities for all citizens, including the rapidly increasing ranks of the elderly. Whatever the challenges, we approach them from a long-term perspective and work steadily toward their solution.

The Third Medium-term Management Plan, which outlines specific actions to be taken during the three years starting in FY 2014, was developed as a first step in achieving these goals. DBJ hopes to achieve them mainly through advancement of the “Principal Initiatives” described below.

Principal Initiatives and Related Functions of DBJ

  1. 1. Growth support
    • To strengthen Japan's competitiveness in the global market, DBJ will put to work a full lineup of financial tools-including mezzanine finance, investments, consulting services and other “knowledge products”-in support of its clients' initiatives. Whether these involve effective use of exploitable operating resources, business creation, corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions or the challenges of globalization, DBJ will use all available resources to help them succeed.
    • DBJ will also support growth fields that will play key roles in Japan's development as a sustainable society, such as environmental business, health care, and opportunities for women.
  2. 2. Infrastructure & energy
    • With unequalled experience in financing infrastructure in Japan, DBJ will support initiatives to improve the safety of the nation's transportation networks and enhance its livability in anticipation of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. PPP and PFI will be used in the renewal of aging public infrastructure.
    • The Great East Japan Earthquake left Japan with serious energy issues. Drawing on its knowledge of circumstances and its powerful research capacity at home and abroad, and its neutral position, DBJ will seek comprehensive solutions by offering finance in a variety of forms-including long-term capital, mezzanine finance, and investments-as well as coordinating projects for the restructuring of the energy system.
  3. 3. Regional revitalization tailored to regional needs
    • Regional firms make up approximately half of DBJ's clients. To ensure that regional revitalization is both sustainable and suited to regional conditions, DBJ works with regional clients and banks in supporting innovative business development, community-building, infrastructure renewal, and other initiatives by which firms create vigorous and healthy communities.
  4. 4. Strengthening the safety net
    • DBJ will respond quickly and effectively to crises, whether natural or financial. It will conduct both government-mandated crisis response operations and its independent initiatives based on information, expertise and evaluation skills developed through day-to-day business. To help make Japan more resilient at times of crisis, DBJ will expand its Enterprise Disaster Resilience Rated Loan Program, which promotes improved capacity for disaster preparedness and business continuity.

DBJ will perform the following three functions in connection with the Principal Initiatives.

  1. 1. Risk-sharing with banks and other organizations
    • Diverse firms have complex financial needs. DBJ meets these needs-and helps to activate the flow of funds-by supplying high-risk capital through long-term, large-volume, mezzanine finance in partnership with banks and other organizations.
  2. 2. Opportunities for fund management by investors
    • How to utilize inactive funds is an important issue for the Japanese financial market today. DBJ arranges excellent opportunities for managing this capital through means including syndicated loans and asset management. Working with regional banks, pension funds and other entities, DBJ shares fund management opportunities to contribute to stimulate the financial market.
  3. 3. Knowledge extending beyond the financial sphere
    • Solving Japan's economic problems requires uncovering and putting to effective use the strengths lying latent within companies and communities. DBJ will provide the “knowledge services” needed to make this happen. Utilizing its impartial networks and industrial research skills, DBJ will work on creating new business concepts-and, using high-quality knowledge provided from a long-term perspective, help to identify and resolve social, regional, and customer issues.


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