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Economics Today (In Japanese)

Monographs written on the results of research on such themes as economics, corporate management, finance and the environment (Japanese only).

Vol. No. Title Author(s) Date
42 1 Board Gender Diversity and Environmental Disclosure: Evidence from Listed Firms in Japan Ayako Ozawa 8/2021
41 3 Trends of Global Economy and Asia: US-China Disputes, Digitalization and the Course of Japan Eiji Ogawa
Jun-ichi Nakamura
Masakazu Sato
41 2 Reexamining the Role of Finance in Overcoming Industrial Pollution: Evidence from 1970s Lending Programs by the Japan Development Bank Katsuhisa Uchiyama
Yuko Hosoda
41 1 Governance Reforms from Comparative Perspectives: The Capital Market, Ownership and Control Hideaki Miyajima
Kazunori Suzuki
Jun-ichi Nakamura
Takuya Okada (editors)
40 2 Productivity, Employment, and the Future of Financial Services: The Impact of Digital Innovation in Japan Kazuo Ueda
Shin-ichi Fukuda
Jun-ichi Nakamura (editors)
40 1 Money, Employment and Liberalism
A Review of the Works of Professor Masayuki Otaki: Proceedings of the ISS and RICF Joint Symposium
Susumu Cato
Katsuhisa Uchiyama (editors)
39 2 Company Characteristics of Integrated Report and Its Features of Non-Financial Information: Analyzing Survey by Questionnaire to the Published Company Noriyuki Konishi (editor) 1/2019
39 1 Changes in World Trends and the Asian Economy Eiji Ogawa
Jun-ichi Nakamura (editors)
37 2 Corporate Governance of Japanese Firms: Issues and Prospects for Industrial Metabolism and Sustainable Management Kazuo Ueda
Shin-ichi Fukuda
Hideo Oishi
Jun-ichi Nakamura (editors)
37 1 Analysis and Utilization of Qualitative Information in an Annual Report: The way of Desirable Dialogue with the Diversification of the Risk Kentaro Noda 5/2016
36 7 Integrated Disclosure of Risk Information: A New Viewpoint of Financial Reporting into Integrated Reporting Noriyuki Konishi (editor) 3/2016
36 6 Economic Growth with Asset Bubbles in a Global Economy Atsushi Motohashi 3/2016
36 5 Japan in "the Asian Century": For Revitalization of the Economy and Business Opportunities Eiji Ogawa
Jun-ichi Nakamura
36 4 How Corporations Create Social Value?: A Study of Incomplete Contracts in Corporate Governance Satoshi Kawanishi
Teruyuki Tamura
Shinichi Hirota
36 3 Proceedings of the RICF 50th Anniversary Symposium Part III On Social Common Capital Research Center on Global Warming 5/2015
36 2 Proceedings of the RICF 50th Anniversary Symposium Part II Corporate Management & Accounting Corporate Management & Accounting Research Office 4/2015
36 1 Provision of Risk Capital for Sustained Economic Growth in Japan Kazuo Ueda
Shin-ichi Fukuda
Mitsuhiro Usui
Jun-ichi Nakamura
35 3 Proceedings of the RICF 50th Anniversary Symposium Part I Financial Economy Research Center on Financial Economics 3/2015
35 2 Optimal Debt Control Problem Koichi Yoshimura
Shuji Watanabe
35 1 A Study on Institution and Practices of Integrated Reporting Noriyuki Konishi
Hiroaki Jindo
34 6 Impact of Financial Intermediary's Information Production on Market Value of Firm: Case Studies on the DBJ's Liquidity Providing During the Financial Crisis and the Environmental Rating of Firm Hiroaki Suzuoka
Atsushi Motohashi
Shinya Nakamura
Tomoya Maruoka
Takamasa Uesugi
34 5 Corporate Governance and Corporate Diversification : Empirical Analysis Based upon Corporate Financial Data in Japan Masaharu Hanazaki
Kanako Matsushita
34 4 The Means for Capital Structure Adjustment : Evidence from Listed Firms in Japan Gen-Ichiro Okamoto 9/2013
34 3 Determinants Affecting Firms’ Funding Liquidity Mariko Tanaka 9/2013
34 2 Does Stakeholder Welfare Enhance Firm Value? Kazumi Endo 6/2013
34 1 New Directions for International Financial System and Japanese Firm Dynamics Kazuo Ueda
Shin-ichi Fukuda
Mitsuhiro Usui
Naoki Shinada
33 2 Pricing Impact of CDS Demand and Supply Daisuke Miyakawa
Shuji Watanabe
33 1 Bank Loan Share Structure: Empirical Examination Daisuke Miyakawa 3/2013
31 4 Whither the Post-crisis Financial System? Kazuo Ueda
Shin-ichi Fukuda
Masaharu Hanazaki
Jun-ichi Nakamura
31 3 How Does the Loan Relation Depend on its Duration? Evidence from Firm and Bank Level Data Daisuke Miyakawa 9/2010
31 2 Estimation of Multiple q Models of Investment: Investment Behavior over Heterogeneous Capital Goods during the Period of Excess Capacity Reduction Konomi Tonogi
Jun-ichi Nakamura
Kazumi Asako
31 1 The Determinants of Environmentally Conscious Actions and Firm Value: A Case for DBJ's Environmental Rating Loan Katsuhisa Uchiyama 4/2010
30 4 Stock Option and Firm Performance: Quantitative Analysis Based upon Calculated Option Values Masaharu Hanazaki
Kanako Matsushita
30 3 Japan's Climate Change Policy: Evaluation of Its Mid-term Emission Reduction Targets Morio Kuninori
Koji Nomura
Kimiko Hanabusa
30 2 Productivity Gains in Exporting Sector and Equilibrium Unemployment: A Directed Search Model with Nontradeables Sector Expansion Yoshifumi Kon 6/2009
30 1 Challenges and Prospects for the Financial System and Public Policy Shin-ichi Fukuda
Masaharu Hanazaki
Jun-ichi Nakamura
29 1 Labor Mobility and the Cost of Currency Integration Taiyo Yoshimi 3/2009
28 1 Why have "Zombie Firms" Recovered? Jun-ichi Nakamura
Shin-ichi Fukuda
27 4 The Abstract of the liberalization on capital and money market in Vietnam after adopting the innovation (doi moi) policies Teruhiko Harada 3/2007
27 3 CO2 Emission and the Environmental Kuznets Curve: Evidence from Dynamic Panel Data Estimation Katsuhisa Uchiyama 3/2007
27 2 Mechanism of High-tech Industrial Cluster Formation: An Empirical Study on the Process of ICT Cluster Formation in Oulu, Finland Takashi Sasano 10/2006
27 1 Coordination Failure among Multiple Lenders and the Role of Government Policy Tetsuya Kasahara 5/2006
26 7 Bank Lending and Corporate Investment under the Depression of the 1990s in Japan Kenji Tanaka 3/2006
26 6 Mergers and Acquisitions in Japan: An Empirical Analysis by Event Study Methodology Hiroyuki Matsuo
Takeshi Yamamoto
26 5 The process of law system preparation in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam: From the standpoint of jurisprudence as social common capital Teruhiko Harada 3/2006
26 4 An Empirical Analysis of Debtor-in-Possession Financing Shiro Ichinomiya 3/2006
26 3 Defensive Technological Change: Endogenous Technological Change under Globalization Kojiro Sakurai 7/2005
26 2 Analysis of R&D Spillover Effects: An Empirical Study in Japanese High-tech Industries Hideaki Tomita 6/2005
26 1 Measuring Business Cycles in Japan: A Study with Markov Switching Dynamic Factor Model Masayuki Keida 5/2005
25 6 Accounting for Income Taxes and Earnings Management: An Empirical Analysis of Bankrupt Firms Shiro Ichinomiya 3/2005
25 5 Evaluation and future possibility of Carbon Finance: Simulation analysis using Monte Carlo method Masahiko Ozaki 12/2004
25 4 On the Cause of Fixed Investment Stagnation During the 1990s in Japan: Evidence from Panel Data of the Financial Statements Keiichi Hori
Makoto Saito
Koichi Ando
25 3 Global Trend of Corporate Governance Toshikazu Suenaga
Nobuo Fujikawa
25 2 Investment and Uncertainty in Japan: Investment Behavior under Irreversibility, Product Market Competition and Capital Market Imperfections Kenji Tanaka 9/2004
25 1 Technological Change and Human Capital: An Analysis of Skill-Biased Technological Change Kojiro Sakurai 5/2004
24 5 Some Problems on Recent Corporate Governance Reform in Japan: Research and Analysis on Case Studies, especially on Internal Control System Toshikazu Suenaga
Nobuo Fujikawa
24 4 Regional Economies and CO2 Emission in Japan Katsuhisa Uchiyama 3/2004