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Springer Monographs &
SpringerBriefs in Economics: DBJ Research Series

English monographs, launched in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of RICF, based on research by the RICF staff as well as other researchers in various capacities.

Springer Monographs

Vol. Title Author(s) Published
2 Energy Productivity and Economic Growth: Experiences of the Japanese Industries, 1955-2019 Koji Nomura 1/2023
1 Multiple q and Investment in Japan Kazumi Asako
Jun-ichi Nakamura
Konomi Tonogi

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SpringerBriefs in Economics

Vol. Title Author(s) Published
15 Recent Advances in the Theory of Third-Degree Price Discrimination: A Nexus to Network Effects, Innovation, and Behavioral Aspects Takanori Adachi
Ryo Hashizume
Takeshi Ikeda
Tatsuhiko Nariu
Tomohisa Okada
14 Excess Capacity and Difficulty of Exit: Evidence from Japan’s Electronics Industry Sumio Saruyama
Peng Xu
13 Social Welfare Evaluation and Intergenerational Equity Kohei Kamaga 5/2020
12 Utilization of Soft Information on Bank Performance: The Roles of Relationship Lending in Competitive Local Markets Tadanori Yosano
Takayoshi Nakaoka
11 Procyclical Fiscal Policy Toshihiro Ihori
Keigo Kameda
10 Economic Signals: Prize Promotions, Anonymous Giving, and Political Advertisements Masaoki Tamura 4/2018
9 Introduction to Japanese Household Surveys Takeshi Unayama 2/2018
8 Priority Rule Violations and Perverse Banking Behaviors Hiroyuki Seshimo
Fukuju Yamazaki
7 Trade and the Labor Market: Effect on Wage Inequality in Japan Kojiro Sakurai 9/2017
6 Dr. Osamu Shimomura's Legacy and the Postwar Japanese Economy Kozo Horiuchi
Masayuki Otaki
5 Rationality and Operators: The Formal Structure of Preferences Susumu Cato 8/2016
4 Japanese Firms During the Lost Two Decades: The Recovery of Zombie Firms and Entrenchment of Reputable Firms Jun-ichi Nakamura 8/2016
3 Corporate Governance and Corporate Behavior in Japan: The Consequences of Stock Options and Corporate Diversification Masaharu Hanazaki 8/2016
2 Environmental Kuznets Curve Hypothesis and Carbon Dioxide Emissions Katsuhisa Uchiyama 5/2016
1 Keynes’s General Theory Reconsidered in the Context of the Japanese Economy Masayuki Otaki 5/2016