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The Research Institute of Capital Formation (RICF) was established on July 1, 1964, as a department of the Japan Development Bank, with Dr. Osamu Shimomura as its first executive director. The institute currently serves as a research department of the Development Bank of Japan, conducting research aimed at the formation of a sustainable economy and society.

Shimomura Fellowship

Development Bank of Japan (DBJ) offers non-Japanese researchers the Shimomura Fellowship, named in honor of the late Dr. Osamu Shimomura, a noted Japanese economist.

Recent Research Papers

Other Research Papers

10/05/2019 Economics Today

 Money, Employment and Liberalism---A Review of the Works of Professor Masayuki Otaki: Proceedings of the ISS and RICF Joint Symposium (Cato, Susumu and Katsuhisa Uchiyama(eds.)) (in Japanese).

22/02/2019 Discussion paper

The Deterrent Effect of Anti-Bribery Law Enforcement on the Quality of Earnings (Bunkanwanicha Pramuan and Olivier Greusard)[PDF:493K]

31/01/2019 Economics Today

 Company Characteristics of Integrated Report and Its Features of Non-Financial Information: Analyzing Survey by Questionnaire to the Published Company (Konishi, Noriyuki (eds.)) (in Japanese).

21/12/2018 Financial DB

 Handbook of Industrial Financial Data 2018 (DBJ Research Institute of Capital Formation (ed.)) (in Japanese).

03/12/2018 Discussion paper

Liquidity Risk? (Pontiff Jeffrey and Rohit Singla)[PDF:415K]

18/10/2018 Discussion paper

Skin in the Game, Wealth and Risk-Taking: Evidence from Private Equity Funds (Bienz, Carsten, Karin S. Thorburn and Uwe Walz)[PDF:434K]

12/09/2018 Economics Today

 Changes in World Trends and the Asian Economy (Ogawa, Eiji and Jun-ichi Nakamura(eds.)) (in Japanese).

17/10/2017 Discussion paper

Corporate Governance and Corporate Performance under Market Socialism: Empirical Analysis of Listed Companies in China (Wang, Le, Qun Liu and Masaharu Hanazaki)[PDF:1.7M]

19/09/2017 Discussion paper

Labor Productivity Stagnation, the Radical Quantitative Easing Monetary Policy, and Disinflation (Otaki, Masayuki)[PDF:230K]

07/04/2017 Economics Today

 Corporate Governance of Japanese Firms: Issues and Prospects for Industrial Metabolism and Sustainable Management (Ueda, Kazuo, Shin-ichi Fukuda, Hideo Oishi and Jun-ichi Nakamura(eds.)) (in Japanese).

SpringerBriefs in Economics: DBJ Research Series 新規ウインドウで開きます

SpringerBriefs in Economics: DBJ Research Series English monographs, launched in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of RICF, based on research by the RICF staff as well as other researchers in various capacities.

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