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Economic Affairs (In Japanese)

Published collection of research papers that clarify the issues facing the Japanese economy and society, with new perspectives and analytical methods. Papers are authored by RICF researchers, as well as other researchers in various capacities (Japanese only).

Vol. Title Editor(s) First Published
10 Overcoming the Problems of an Unequal Society Hirofumi Uzawa, Toshiaki Tachibanaki and Katsuhisa Uchiyama 6/2012
9 Global Warming and Sustainable Development Hirofumi Uzawa and Yuko Hosoda 3/2009
8 Reflections on the City in the 21st Century: City as Social Overhead Capital 2 Hirofumi Uzawa, Morio Kuninori and Katsuhisa Uchiyama 6/2003
7 Toward an Urban Renaissance: City as Social Overhead Capital 1 Hirofumi Uzawa, Mitsuhiro Usui and Masanao Maeda 5/2003
6 Economics of the Financial System: Social Overhead Capital Approaches Hirofumi Uzawa and Masaharu Hanazaki 11/2000
5 Economics of Institutional Capital Hirofumi Uzawa and Morio Kuninori 9/1995
4 Social Overhead Capital: Cities and the Commons Hirofumi Uzawa and Aiichiro Mogi 5/1994
3 Economic Analysis of Global Warming Hirofumi Uzawa and Morio Kuninori 3/1993
2 Towards a Theory of the Optimum City Hirofumi Uzawa and Kozo Horiuchi 3/1992
1 The Dynamism of the Japanese Firm Hirofumi Uzawa 3/1991