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Research Seminars 2023

Oct. 20 (Fri) Ryo Kato (Professor, Asia University)
"Trend Inflation in the Japanese pre-2000s: A Markov-Switching DSGE Estimation"
Jul. 25 (Tue) Yupana Wiwattanakantang (Associate Professor, National University of Singapore)
"Placeholder CEOs"
Jul. 13 (Thu) John K. Wald (Professor, University of Texas at San Antonio)
"Selection and Pricing of Green and Sustainability-Linked Corporate Bonds"
Jun 16 (Fri) Yoshiaki Ogura (Professor, Waseda University)
"Unsecured loans and Intangible Investment"
Jun 08 (Thu) John K. Wald (Professor, University of Texas at San Antonio)
"Country-Level Air Pollutants and Institutions"
Jun 05 (Mon) Lukas Roth (Associate Professor, University of Alberta)
"Empowering Women by Index Membership: Evidence from a Unique Experiment from Japan"
Apr. 21 (Fri) Masayo Shikimi (Professor, Nagasaki University)
"The Value of Bank Relationships: Evidence from the COVID-19 Crisis"
Feb. 13 (Mon) Qing-yuan Sui (Professor, Yokohama City University)
"The Impact of Quantity Easing on Bank Lending in Japan"
Jan. 20 (Fri) Shuhei Aoki (Associate Professor, Shinshu University)
"Financial Innovations, Taxes, and the Growth of Finance"