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Research Seminars 2013

Dec. 25 (Wed) Carsten Bienz (Associate Professor, Department of Finance and Management Science, Norwegian School of Economics)
"Financial Incentives and Risk Taking in Private Equity Funds"
Dec.20 (Fri) Kiminori Matsuyama (Professor, Northwestern University)
"Revisiting the Model of Credit Cycles with Good and Bad Projects"
Dec. 13 (Fri) Seki Obata (Associate Professor, Graduate School of Business Administration, Keio University)
"Family Business Family Succession: Good or Bad?"
Oct. 16 (Wed) David MacLean (Associate Professor, School of Business, University of Alberta)
"Equity Market Liberalization and Equity Issuance"
Oct. 11 (Fri) Yupana Wiwattanakantang (Associate Professor, Business School, National University of Singapore)
"Transitions in the Family Ownership and Control in Japan"
Oct. 4 (Fri) Richard Oppenheim (Head of Climate Change and Energy Section, British Embassy Tokyo)
"The UK Transition to a Low Carbon Future"
Oct. 2 (Wed) Masayuki Otaki (Professor, University of Tokyo)
"Emission Trading or Proportional Carbon Tax: A Quest for More Efficacious Emission Control"
Sep. 25 (Wed) Zsuzsa R. Huszár (Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore)
"An Analysis of Centralized versus OTC Stock Lending Market"
Aug. 16 (Fri) Masaoki Tamura (Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University)
"Prize Promotions as Costless Commitment"
Aug. 9 (Fri) Konari Uchida (Associate Professor, Kyushu University)
"Stock Option Grants under Pressure for Good Governance"
Aug. 8 (Thu) Daisuke Miyakawa (Associate Senior Economist, Development Bank of Japan)
"Natural Disaster and Natural Selection"
Jul. 19 (Fri) Yukie Sakuragawa (Associate Professor, Atomi University)
"Exchange Rates and Fundamentals: Closing a Two-Country Model"
Jul. 11 (Thu) Gen-Ichiro Okamoto (Economist, Development Bank of Japan)
"A Study on the Means for Capital Structure Adjustment: Evidence from Listed Firms in Japan"
Jul. 5 (Fri) Hiroshi Morita (Graduate School of Economics, Hitotsubashi University)
"Empirical Analysis on the Macroeconomic Effects of Fiscal Policy and Rule-of-thumb Household"
Jul. 1 (Mon) Masahiro Watanabe (Associate Professor, University of Alberta)
"Supply Ambiguity and Market Fragility"
Jun. 20 (Thu) Yoshio Nozawa (Associate Senior Economist, Development Bank of Japan)
"Misallocation of Capital During Japan's Lost Two Decades"
May 30 (Thu) Christopher Spencer (Lecturer, Department of Economics, Loughborough University)
"Unconventional Votes"
May 24 (Fri) Naoki Minamihashi (Senior Analyst, Financial Markets Department, Bank of Canada)
"Who Becomes an Arranger? Evidence from Matched Data on Bilateral and Syndicated Loans"
May 16 (Thu) Vievek Ghosal (Professor, School of Economics, Georgia Institute of Technology)
"The Impact of Uncertainty on Small Businesses: Evidence from Employment and the Number of Businesses"
"Small is Beautiful but Size Matters: The Asymmetric Impact of Uncertainty and Sunk Costs on Small and Large Businesses"
May 9 (Thu) Takeshi Niizeki (Researcher, Economic and Social Research Institute, Cabinet Office)
"Capacity Utilization and the Effect of Energy Price Shock in Japan"
Apr. 19 (Fri) Takashi Kano (Associate Professor, Hitotsubashi University)
"Exchange Rates and Fundamentals: Closing a Two-Country Model"
Apr. 12 (Fri) Toshiyuki Souma (Associate Professor, Kinki University)
"Evaluating Bank Recapitalization Programs in Japan: How Did Public Capital Injections Work?"
Mar. 29 (Fri) Hiroko Okudaira (Associate Professor, Okayama University)
"How do Firms Respond to an Increase in Minimum Wage? Direct Evidence on Firm's Internal Adjustment"
Mar. 21 (Thu) Daisuke Miyakawa (Associate Senior Economist, Development Bank of Japan)
"Determinants of Loan Share Structure: What Determines the Asymmetry?"
"What Determines CDS Prices? Evidence from the Estimation of Protection Demand and Supply"
Mar. 14 (Thu) Daisuke Miyakawa (Associate Senior Economist, Development Bank of Japan)
"Performance of Newly Listed Firms: Evidence from Japanese Firm and Venture Capital Data"
"Pricing Impacts of Bond Demand: Empirical Examination of Japanese Government Bond Yield"
Feb. 8 (Fri) Hirofumi Uchida (Professor, Kobe University)
"A Close Look at Loan-To-Value Rations in Japan: Evidence from Real Estate Registries"
Jan. 31 (Thu) Takechi Kazutaka (Associate Professor, Hosei University)
"The Price of Distance: Producer Heterogeneity, Pricing to Market, and Geographic Barriersa"
Jan. 30 (Wed) Dong Wook Eom (Researcher, Samsung Economic Research Institute)
"Samsung's Recriotomg Strategy and Talent Management"
Jan. 25 (Fri) Keiko Ito (Professor, Senshu University)
"Modes of International Activities and the Innovativeness of Firms: An Empirical Analysis Based on the Japanese National Innovation Surveys for 2003 and 2009"
Jan. 18 (Fri) Takeshi Osada (Assistant Professor, Bunri University of Hospitality)
"Negative Impacts of Capital Injection Policies on the Capital Crunch: Evidence from Japan"