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Research Seminars 2018

Dec. 21 (Fri) Daisuke Fujii (Assistant Professor, University of Tokyo)
“International Trade and Domestic Production Network”
Dec. 07 (Fri) Masayo Shikimi (Professor, Nagasaki University)
“Bank Credit, Financial Constraints, and Targeting Behavior: Evidence from Japan”
Nov. 30 (Fri) James A. Wilcox (Professor, University of California, Berkeley)
“Internal and External Lending by Nonfinancial Businesses During Crises and During Other Times”
Nov. 16 (Fri) Kimie Harada (Professor, Chuo University)
“The BOJ’s ETF Purchases and Its Effects on Nikkei 225 Stocks”
Oct. 24 (Wed) Arman Eshraghi (Professor, Cardiff University)
“Corporate Governance and Capital Markets: A Japanese Perspective”
Oct. 12 (Fri) Kozo Ueda (Professor, Waseda University)
"Short- and Long-Run Tradeoff of Monetary Easing"
Sep. 28 (Fri) Arman Eshraghi (Professor, Cardiff University)
“Banking Performance, Misconduct and Managerial Psychology”
Sep. 20 (Thu) Cristopher Spencer (Senior Lecturer, Loughborough University)
“Saving and Health in Japan”
Aug. 29 (Wed) Arito Ono (Professor, Chuo University)
“When Banks Become Pure Creditors: The Effects of Declining Shareholding by Japanese Banks on Bank Lending and Firms’ Risk-Taking”
Aug. 23 (Thu) Pramuan Bunkanwanicha (Professor, ESCP Europe)
"The Effect of Bank Bailouts on CEO Careers"
Jul. 25 (Wed) Pramuan Bunkanwanicha (Professor, ESCP Europe)
“The Deterrent Effect of Anti-Bribery Law Enforcement on the Quality of Earnings”
Jul. 12 (Thu) Jeffrey Pontiff (Professor, Boston College)
"Liquidity Risk?"
Jun. 22 (Fri) Hiroshi Gunji (Professor, Daito Bunka University)
"An Industrial-Organization Approach to Conventional and Unconventional Monetary Policy"
Jun. 1 (Fri) Jeffrey Pontiff (Professor, Boston College)
"Does Academic Research Destroy Stock Return Predictability?"
"Anomalies and News"
May 18 (Fri) Yuzo Honda (Professor, Osaka Gakuin University)
"The Effectiveness of the Negative Interest Rate Policy in Japan: An Early Assessment"
Apr. 20 (Fri) Tomasz Olejniczak (Assistant Professor, Kozminski University)
"In Search of Continuity: Theoretical and Methodological Insights from a Case Study of a Polish Centennial Company"
Apr. 20 (Fri) Shinichi Fukuda (Professor, University of Tokyo)
"Inflation Target and Anchor of Inflation Forecasts in Japan"
Etsuro Shioji (Professor, Hitotsubashi University)
"Quantitative ‘Flooding’ and Bank Lending: Evidence form 18 Years of Near-Zero Interest Rate"
Apr. 10 (Tue) Masayuki Otaki (Professor, University of Tokyo)
"Speculative Bubbles and Monetary Policy: Theory Based on Japanese Experience"
Mar. 20 (Tue) Ulrike Schaede (Professor, University of California, San Diego)
"Open Innovation and Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) Activities by Japanese Companies"
Feb. 23 (Fri) Junko Koeda (Associate Professor, Waseda University)
"Macroeconomic Effects of Qualitative and Quantitative Monetary Easing Measures"
Jan. 19 (Fri) Tomoyuki Nakajima (Professor, University of Tokyo)
"Leveraged Purchases of Government Debt and Deflation"