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Research Seminars 2011

Dec. 22 (Thu) Kei Kawakami (Lecturer, University of Melbourne)
"Mechanism Design for Financial Markets: Commitment and Market Transparency"
Dec. 15 (Thu) Mariko Tanaka (Research Associate, University of Tokyo)
"Characteristics of Information Transmission under Uncertainty"
Dec. 14 (Wed) Seki Obata (Associate Professor, Keio University)
"What is a family firm? Good or Bad? An Empirical Analysis of Corporate Behavior and Performance of Family Firms"
Dec. 1 (Thu) Yasuhiro Arikawa (Associate Professor, Waseda University)
"In Search of Synergy Effects: Mergers and Productivity"
Nov. 16 (Wed) Raghavendra Rau (Professor, University of Cambridge)
"Which Firms Benefit from Bribes, and by How Much? Evidence from Corruption Cases Worldwide"
Oct. 27 (Thu) Peng Xu (Professor, Hosei University)
"Managerial Attitudes toward to Market Valuations"
Oct. 7 (Fri) Fukunari Kimura (Professor, Keio University)
"How Did the Japanese Exports Respond? The Global Financial Crisis and the East Japan Earthquake"
Oct. 6 (Thu) Hyeok Jeong (Associate Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)
"The Experience Premium"
Sep. 22 (Wed) Kimie Harada (Associate Professor, Chuo University)
"Japanese Financial System after the Global Recession of 2007-2009"
Sep. 14 (Wed) Pantisa Pavabutr (Associate Professor, Thammasat University)
"Asian Pennies Are Not the Same as US Pennies"
Sep. 09 (Fri) Akihisa Shibata (Professor, Kyoto University)
"Collateral Constraints and Legal Protection of Lenders: A Macroeconomic Perspective"
Aug. 25 (Thu) Yoshiaki Ogura (Associate Professor, Ritsumeikan University)
"An Estimation of the Inside Bank Premium"
Aug. 18 (Thu) Mariko Tanaka (Research Associate, University of Tokyo)
"Illiquidity and All Its Friends by Jean Tirole"
Aug. 4 (Thu) Kentaro Nakajima (Associate Professor, Tohoku University)
"Transactions as a Source of Agglomeration Economies: Buyer-Seller Matching in the Japanese Manufacturing Industry"
Jul. 21 (Thu) Michiru Sakane (Assistant Professor, Sophia University)
"Product Variety, Firm Entry, and Terms of Trade Dynamics"
Jul. 15 (Fri) Worawat Margsiri (Assistant Professor, Fordham University)
"Amenity Potential, Private Benets of Control, and the Value of Levered Family Firms"
Jul. 14 (Thu) Daiji Kawaguchi (Associate Professor, Hitotsubashi University)
"The Gift of Time"
Jun. 22 (Wed) Chongwoo Choe (Professor, Monash University)
"Managerial Power, Stock-Based Compensation, and Firm Performance"
Jun. 8 (Wed) Kazuo Ogawa (Professor, Osaka University)
"Global Financial Crisis and the Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises in Japan: How Did They Cope with the Crisis?"
May 30 (Mon) Fumio Hayashi (Professor, Hitotsubashi University)
"Emerging Market Currency Excess Returns"
May 26 (Thu) Daisuke Miyakawa (Associate Senior Economist, Development Bank of Japan)
"Evolution of Firm-Bank Relationships: Theory and Empirical Evidence"
May 20 (Fri) Yukie Sakuragawa (Associate Professor, Atomi University)
"Quantitative Impacts of the Asset Price Channel in the Credit-Constrained Economy"
May 18 (Wed) Tatsuyoshi Okimoto (Associate Professor, Hitotsubashi University)
"Long-Run Trends in Dependence in International Equity Markets"
Apr. 25 (Mon) Worawat Margsiri (Assistant Professor, Fordham University)
"Risk Management in Corporate Financial Policy"
Apr. 22 (Fri) Masayuki Otaki (Professor, University of Tokyo)
"Sustainability, Endogenous Social Discount Rate, and Proportional Carbon Tax"
Apr. 18 (Mon) Jesper Edman (Assistant Professor, Hitotsubashi University)
"The Role of Foreign Banks in Japanese Institutional Change: The Case of Loan Syndication"
Apr. 14 (Thu) Naoshi Doi (Graduate School of Economics, University of Tokyo)
"Does Japanese Liquor Taste Different? Empirical Analysis on the National Treatment under the WTO"
Apr. 7 (Thu) Mariko Tanaka (Research Associate, University of Tokyo)
"The Effect of Life Span Prolongation on Capital Accumulation"
Mar. 24 (Thu) Tomohiro Hirano (Researcher, Financial Services Agency)
"Financial Institution, Asset Bubbles and Economic Performance"
Mar. 10 (Thu) Taiyo Yoshimi (Assistant Professor, Nanzan University)
"Lending Market Segmentation and the Cost of Currency Integration"
Mar. 8 (Tue) Kiminori Matsuyama (Professor, Northwestern University)
"Institution-Induced Productivity Differences and Patterns of International Capital Flows"
Feb. 23 (Wed) Daisuke Miyakawa (Associate Senior Economist, Development Bank of Japan)
"Measure of Bank Productivity and its Impact on the Capital Investments of Client Firms"
Feb. 18 (Fri) Hiroyuki Ito (Associate Professor, Portland State University) "An Analysis of the Effects of Financial Market Imperfections on Indian Firms' Exporting Behavior"
Feb. 17 (Thu) Arito Ono (Senior Economist, Bank of Japan)
"Differentiated Use of Small Business Credit Scoring by Relationship Lender and Transactional Lender: Evidence from the Firm-Bank Matched Data in Japan"
Feb. 3 (Thu) Kazuhiko Ohashi (Professor, Hitotsubashi University)
"Detrimental Effects of Retention Regulation: Incentives of Loan Screening in Securitization under Asymmetric Information"
Jan. 27 (Thu) Kimiyo Kitamura (Graduate School of Commerce, Chuo University)
"Banker's Overconfidence and Irrational Lending Behaviour"
Jan. 14 (Fri) Masayuki Otaki (Professor, University of Tokyo) and Yoshihiro Tamai (Associate Professor, Kanagawa University)
"Exact Microeconomic Foundation for the Phillips Curve under Complete Markets: A Keynesian View"
Jan. 13 (Thu) Shinya Tanaka (Graduate School of Economics, Hitotsubashi University)
"Finite Sample Properties of Estimators for Approximate Factor Model When N Is Small"