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Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

The Core Competencies at the Center of DBJ-Specific Financial Expertise

DBJ’s fundamental stance is based on sharing with its clients a long-term perspective, neutrality, public-mindedness and reliability.
Intellectual Assets
Intellectual assets is a catch-all that refers to the abilities—to think ahead, make discerning judgments and introduce new financial technologies—that we have built through our experience in applying our industry, analytic and R&D expertise.
DBJ enjoys trust-based networks with clients, as well as partners among regional governments and financial institutions.

Action Guidelines

Customers First
Take a customer-based perspective, face up to our own problems and share our successes and joys
Hone our skills and faculty for judgment, aiming for a unique existence
Global & Local
Maintain a long-term, fair outlook, which is in step with the times, takes a global perspective and embraces local communities
Speed & Teamwork
Build customer trust through swift and sincere actions that optimize our strengths as a team

Guidance for Management

For Customers
Raise economic and social value for customers by applying our financial strength, drawn from the “Three Ws,” to problem-solving
For Society
Contribute to the realization of a more abundant, sustainable society in terms of the environment, the economy and beyond
For Investors
Realize highly transparent management and raise corporate value from a long-term perspective
For Employees
Share our corporate philosophy, cultivate human resources with high ethical standards and create a refreshing workplace environment


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