About Equity

Equity investment is money invested into a company through the acquisition of the company’s shares. In corporate management, there is a growing need to address capital-related issues, including new business creation, restructuring, M&A, the enhancement of business strategies by responding to globalization, and the fortification of corporate governance. The scope for shareholder backing is increasingly rising. DBJ leverages the following features of equity investments to address the wide-ranging business and capital needs of its clients.

(1) Able to engage in various investment schemes, including venture investments and joint investments
(2) Able to provide total solutions for clients, mainly through the use of networks, information-gathering capabilities, industry research capabilities and other financial services possessed by DBJ

Venture investment

DBJ supports the growth of venture companies mainly through the provision of

Joint investment

DBJ enters stages of M&A or joint-venture establishment.

DBJ also engages in various other types of investment.