[Overseas Development] Providing Advisory Services to Saibu Gas regarding Strategic Investment in PVGasD (Vietnam)

DBJ provided advisory services to Saibu Gas Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture), regarding its investment in PetroVietnam Low Pressure Gas Distribution JSC (PVGasD), a low pressure gas distribution company that is part of the PetroVietnam Group, Vietnam's largest state-owned energy company. PVGasD acquired a 21.0% stake in outstanding shares via a purchase from several general shareholders.

Saibu Gas is undertaking the commercialization and implementation of the international energy business as a part of its business structure transformation (diversification/resilience) in its corporate group's medium-term management plan--Scrum 2022. Meanwhile, PVGasD is supplying natural gas, mined from local offshore gas fields, to industrial parks in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, mainly via a pipeline. PVGasD possesses a strong business infrastructure. In the past eight years, sales at the company have been growing at a pace of around 13.6%.

This project will contribute to not only investment gains at Saibu Gas but also the realization of synergies by supplying knowhow.

As Saibu Gas's financial advisor, DBJ provided comprehensive advice, mainly for (a) major terms and conditions and final contract negotiations, (b) valuations and due diligence, and (c) all process management, including closing procedures.