Medium- to Long-Term Loans

DBJ carries out financing in line with the medium- to long-term financial needs of customers while utilizing as a strength, its long-term financing knowhow fostered as a policy-making financial institution.

DBJ is always ready to consult with customers to, among other things, discern the best type of financing to meet their needs, and under what terms (interest, loan period, etc.).

When considering a customer’s eligibility for financing, DBJ examines their business profile and the details of their business plan. After conducting a screening of business profit margins and other matters, DBJ makes a proposal, including the terms of the financing. In addition, DBJ also proposes a medium- to long-term repayment plan that takes into account the customer’s profit margins and a deferment period if necessary.

DBJ supports the activities of its customers through medium- to long-term financing that suits a variety of needs.