Special Investment Operations

About Special Investment Operations

Special Investment Operations are designed to encourage private-sector institutions to supply growth capital. The supply of growth capital is implemented intensively but temporarily from the perspective of strengthening Japanese companies’ competitiveness and revitalizing local communities.

Special Investment Operations are conducted in accordance with laws and ordinances and in line with policy goals. As an advisory body to the Board of Directors, we established the Special Investment Operations Monitoring Board, which includes outside experts from the financial market and industrial circles. The board provides objective evaluation and supervision of activities, including the provision of assistance and incentives to private businesses while ensuring fair competition.

Going forward, DBJ aims to support the corporate activities of its clients by promoting the effective use of management resources, new business development and new collaborations with different industries. DBJ also plans to contribute to the independent development of regional economies, fortification of the competitiveness of Japan and Japanese companies, and expansion of the growth capital market.


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