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Contact DBJ


Head Office: +81-3-3270-3211
The automated voice message during the business hours is in Japanese only.
If you would like to speak in English, please press 1 after or during the Japanese automated voice message.
Hokkaido Branch: +81-11-241-4111
Tohoku Branch: +81-22-227-8181
Niigata Branch: +81-25-229-0711
Hokuriku Branch: +81-76-221-3211
Tokai Branch: +81-52-589-6891
Kansai Branch: +81-6-4706-6411
Chugoku Branch: +81-82-247-4311
Shikoku Branch: +81-87-861-6677
Kyushu Branch: +81-92-741-7734
Minami-kyushu Branch: +81-99-226-2666



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