Regional Emergency Response Program

About Regional Emergency Response Program

Given the recent series of major disasters nationwide, including earthquakes and typhoons, DBJ designed and set up its Regional Emergency Response Program to flexibly and quickly provide support in the way of emergency capital as part of its first response for disaster-stricken companies. This unique program was created in conjunction with the establishment of the Regional Reconstruction Headquarters, whose goal it is to closely collaborate with DBJ branches located throughout Japan and with related departments at the head office, so as to implement an appropriate first response that is in line with local disaster measures. DBJ is undertaking restoration and reconstruction support in disaster-stricken areas in part through the establishment of a joint fund with local and other financial institutions.

DBJ actively supplies risk money in regions using networks and knowhow cultivated in part through the supply of capital for large-scale disasters including the Kumamoto earthquakes and the Great East Japan Earthquake. In addition, DBJ supports other organizations’ activities aimed at achieving restoration and reconstruction as soon as possible in disaster-stricken areas.