Expiry Date for the Professional Investors System of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act

The deadline for the changing of investor categories under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law is August 31 of each year (including years in which August 31 falls on a holiday). This deadline is the sole deadline established by DBJ. DBJ does not set multiple deadlines.

The Financial Instruments and Exchange Law (the “Law”) (enacted September 30, 2007) divides customers into only two categories: professional investors and customers other than professional investors (“general investors”). However, after the completion of certain procedures it is possible for customers to change their status from professional investor to general investor, or from general investor to professional investor.
DBJ has set “the last day of August” of each year as the deadline for changing investor status.
If a customer does not meet this deadline, his investor status will remain the same as the status held prior to beginning the procedures for the change. In the event that a customer wishes to maintain his change in investor category, DBJ kindly requests that the customer follow the procedures for renewal of status.

The Bank will disclose information in accordance with Article 34, Paragraph 2, Item 3, of the Law; Article 54 of the Cabinet Order Relating to the Financial Instruments Transaction Business (“Cabinet Order”), Article 34, Paragraph 3, Item 2, of the Law; Article 58 of the Cabinet Order; Article 34, Paragraph 4, Item 3 of the Law; and Article 63 of the Cabinet Order.

Note: If any information contained herein is unclear, customers are requested contact the Transaction Department party at the branch that handles their business for clarification.