Value Creation Process

The sustainability management targeted by the DBJ Group consists of a business model that leverages Group capabilities in fields including integrated investment and loans and consulting and advisory services. Our business model is designed to raise economic and social value simultaneously in pursuing a sustainable society. We work constantly to improve our Value Creation Process through collaboration and dialogue with stakeholders, seeking to refine our sustainability management and enhance the value we create.

Vision 2030
Our Three Priority Areas
Rebuilding and Reinforcement of Infrastructure
Rebuilding of energy systems, more advanced transportation networks, creation of attractive communities
Creation, Conversion, and Growth in Industry
Commercialization of new technologies, business restructuring to improve productivity and hone competitiveness, business development in global markets
Self-Reliance and Revitalization of Local Economies
Industrial revitalization based on regional characteristics, overseas business development, response to inbound tourism, business succession
Sustainability Management
The DBJ Group’s Management Capital Communication
  • Financial Capital
  • Human Capital
  • Intellectual Capital
  • Relationship and Social Capital
Sustainability Management
Integrated Investment and Loan Services That Contribute to Resolving Social and Client Issues
  • Risk Capital Finance
  • Creation of Diverse Financial Deal Opportunities
  • Provision of Our Knowledge
  • Crisis Response Operations
    • Financing
    • Investment
    • Consulting and advisory
    • Asset management
    • Special Investment Operations
    • Crisis Response Operations
Corporate Governance and Risk Management
continuous collaboration and dialogue
Advisory Board
Monitoring Board
Communication with Stakeholders
  • Customers
  • Communities
  • Employees
  • Financial institutions
  • Investors
  • Share-

Solving Challenges in Priority Areas through Sustainability Management

For customers in priority areas—infrastructure, industry, and the regions, which were decided in view of DBJ’s functions to date and opinions received from stakeholders—the DBJ Group provides integrated investment and loans commensurate with risk appetite along with consulting and advisory services. For our investor clients, we offer syndication and asset management services. As financial professionals offering creative solutions for the different issues faced by its customers, DBJ contributes to the creation of a sustainable society aligned with the SDGs.

Balancing Economic and Social Value

The DBJ Group works to promote industries and initiatives with the potential to serve as pillars for Japan’s economy and society. We offer up solutions for current issues affecting industries and our customers, as well as examining hypothetical and envisioned changes to both groups amid the rapid changes occurring in our society.

As mandated under the DBJ Act, we also undertake Crisis Response Operations as required by events such as major natural disasters and financial market instability. We contribute to the sustained growth of society through Group measures to promote new industries and initiatives while responding to crisis events, always taking the needs of our customers and the community into consideration. Implementing the DBJ Group’s business model requires unique resources. While sound financial capital is a vital support, we also strive for the integrated expansion of financial and non-financial capital, using clear definitions for the human capital, intellectual capital, and relationship and social capital that impact on our financial value creation in the long term.

Building a Foundation for Sustainability Management through Communication with Stakeholders

Communication with our stakeholders helps us continuously improve our sustainability management, our unique Value Creation Process. As part of this process, the Advisory Board, an advisory body to the Board of Directors, and the Special Investment Operations Monitoring Board, receive third-party advice from outside experts and outside members of the Board of Directors. Through communication in its daily operations with stakeholders, including customers, regions, financial institutions, investors, and shareholders, the DBJ Group reaffirms its functions and examines how those functions should evolve in the years to come.