Consideration for the Environment

DBJ's Environmental Management

DBJ recognizes the resolution of environmental problems as an issue that is common to all humankind. Based on its Policy on Sustainability, DBJ aims to contribute to the sustainable development of Japan and the world by its environmental activities as follows

Promoting Environmental Measures through Loan and Investment Activities

  • Through its investment and loan activities, DBJ supports global warming prevention measures and the promotion of a recycling-oriented society. In addition, by supporting environmentally sustainable corporate management by its clients, DBJ contributes to their creation of environmental measures and to the realization of a sustainable society.
  • DBJ contributes to clients' environmental measures through the risk evaluations of investment and loan activities from an environmental perspective.

Promotion of environmental awareness through environmental communication

  • Through continuing research and advisory activities relating to environmental issues, DBJ seeks to help resolve environmental issues through enhanced awareness, thereby contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.
  • DBJ seeks to promote environmental awareness through international cooperation, including the distribution of information about environmental initiatives by Japan.
  • DBJ endeavors to improve its initiatives by sharing information on its environmental activities and through communication with society.

Promotion of environmental awareness activities in offices

  • DBJ complies with environmental laws and regulations, promotes activities to reduce the environmental impact of its operations. To these ends, DBJ seeks to contribute to the creation of environmentally friendly office environments through the activities indicated below.
  1. (1)
    Promotion of resource and energy conservation and recycling activities
  2. (2)
    Promotion of environmentally friendly sourcing of supplies
  3. (3)
    Prevention of environmental pollution

Promotion of environmental awareness activities in communities

  • By cooperating with community environmental improvement initiatives, such as measures to prevent heat islands, DBJ works to contribute to the creation of environmentally friendly regional societies.

DBJ's Environmental Management Structure

Environmental Management Structure

Efforts to Conserve Resources and Energy

As part of its environmental management system, DBJ sets numerical targets and uses posters and other means to enlighten employees.

Green Purchasing

DBJ has set annual numerical goals for purchasing products and services effective in reducing environmental impacts.