Human Resource Development

Basic Policy

Acquiring and training skilled employees is key to our unique business model and the pursuit of the DBJ Group’s four core corporate values (a long-term perspective, impartiality, public-mindedness, and reliability), in order to realize Vision 2030 and execute the DBJ Group’s value creation process while aiming to balance and enhance economic and social value.

To this end, we believe it is important to create a framework that motivates our experienced employees to engage in their work with enthusiasm. We are advancing various measures to improve the value of our human capital, one of our foremost priorities.

Our employees are the wellspring of the value provided by the DBJ Group. We intend to improve our human resource and organizational capabilities with the aim of implementing our constantly changing business model, and our mission, Vision 2030, and values (see Corporate Philosophy).

Our Values

Our value creation process would not be possible without the executives and employees who share our values of initiative and integrity and who display our four core corporate values handed down from DBJ’s earliest days: a long-term perspective, impartiality, public-mindedness, and reliability.

Having provided long-term funding since the postwar reconstruction period, the DBJ Group has carried on the tradition of serving its customers, industry and society from a longterm perspective. The DBJ Group is also unique in terms of impartiality by always working toward what is best for Japan’s economy and society, without being affiliated with any specific corporate group. Our public-mindedness is what motivates our employees to engage in work for the creation of both economic and social value. The combination of these traits has earned us a reputation for reliability from customers and society.

With these four core values as a starting point, the DBJ Group tackles with integrity the management issues faced by its customers and the issues faced by society as a whole, taking a long-term perspective and tirelessly pursuing measures to resolve these issues. This is our unique mission. It is what sets us apart from other financial institutions, and it is why the DBJ Group exists. Accordingly, DBJ Group’s people must always be willing to take on new issues and boldly redefine themselves with an eye to the future.

Vision for Human Resource Development

The DBJ Group encourages autonomous and pioneering behavior in its employees as financial professionals in keeping with its vision for human resource development, which can be summarized as “cultivation of generalists who can be specialists in many fields.”

While it is important to acquire specialist knowledge, responding to society’s constantly changing needs also requires broad experience, deep knowledge, and the ability to see the big picture.

The DBJ Group has created a variety of personnel systems and human resource training programs with the intention of nurturing employees with advanced specializations but also broad perspectives, who are able to grow of their own accord without fearing change, and contribute to the discovery and resolution of issues faced by customers and society.

Outline of Human Resource Training System

Outline of Human Resource Training System

Initiatives to Increase Value of Human Capital

The DBJ Group undertakes various measures to further increase the value of its human capital in line with its values of initiative and integrity and its four core corporate values.

Strengthening Hiring and Strategic Allocation of Human Resources Across the Group

The DBJ Group will strengthen its hiring processes and practices for both new college graduates and mid-career hires, in order to secure personnel with diverse backgrounds and thinking who are needed across the Group to implement its sector, function, and area strategies.

The DBJ Group will also work to further disseminate its vision and value creation process by increasing the transfer of employees across the DBJ Group.

Training Personnel and Improving Engagement

Through practical on-the-job training and extensive training opportunities, the DBJ Group develops employees with diverse experiences, skills, and the ability to work together organically as a team. We constantly assess whether we have laid the proper foundation for genuinely motivating officers and employees to take the initiative in accordance with the DBJ Group’s corporate philosophy.

  • Developing global human resources: Opportunities to study abroad at overseas universities and training systems are made available to employees. DBJ also operates its own leadership training program (entirely in English) for young employees and management-level employees, in collaboration with top overseas universities.
  • Training women for leadership positions: DBJ offers leadership training programs with links to top domestic universities.
  • Offering in-house training and supplementary programs: The DBJ Group offers employees supplementary programs for self-study as well as rank-based training to learn the requirements of their roles as needed, including extensive work- and management-related training. DBJ offers a wide range of high-quality skills development programs.
  • Providing training for new employees: Newly hired employees undergo a one-year series of training programs to support their professional growth, starting with DBJ’s threemonth in-house accounting and financial analysis course.
  • Offering more advanced and flexible training programs: Through an appropriate balance of in-person and online training, we seek to maximize the impact of training and put in place environments that facilitate employee learning.
  • Spreading awareness of corporate philosophy and management plan: During training on career development, DBJ facilitates constructive discussions with employees so they can better understand, improve on, and put into practice our corporate philosophy. We also train employees to become proficient in investment and loan operations, based on our GRIT Strategy for realizing a sustainable society.
  • Making strategic personnel rotations: Employees are strategically rotated so that they steadily develop highly specialized skills by gaining practical and diverse experience and broad perspectives in multiple departments and outside institutions.*
    * DBJ dispatches employees to national government agencies, Group companies around the world, and companies that have received investments.
  • Interviewing employees: All willing employees are interviewed by the Human Resources Management Department about changes in internal positions and their longer-term career paths.
  • Improving engagement: Every fiscal year, DBJ conducts engagement surveys of personnel, evaluates the results of these surveys, and creates action plans that enable each department to increase employee motivation through improvement activities.

Diversity Management and Productivity Improvements

In order to create workplaces where employees feel motivated by their work, DBJ takes steps to foster mutual understanding and improve the productivity of each employee.

  • DBJ is improving productivity and resilience with systems that allow for flexible workstyles, such as working from home, and flexible hours with core work times. During the COVID-19 pandemic, employees worked flexibly from home and staggered their office work hours as we prioritized the health and safety of our executives and employees while ensuring that our work could be carried out.
  • DBJ holds seminars with specialists as guest speakers on topics that include finding daycare, childcare, and nursing care with the aim of improving its employment and vacation systems, such as maternity leave, shortened work hours, time off for childcare, and other programs for raising children and caring for elderly family members.
  • DBJ encourages employees to build relationships based on mutual trust and cooperation through various seminars— including on building understanding of people with disabilities—and through the creation and distribution of a guide about balancing work with childcare and nursing care.
  • DBJ continues to hold training and networking events on career development aimed at empowering women in the workplace.
  • In addition to periodic health checkups, DBJ supports the physical and mental health of all its executives and employees by providing them with personal resilience training, and maintaining a counseling system staffed by external specialists.

Outline of Our Human Capital (As of March 31, 2022, on a Non-Consolidated Basis, except Where Noted Otherwise)

No. of employees (consolidated) 1,809
No. of employees (non-consolidated) 1,257
Global human resource training program participants (cumulative total) 70
Women’s empowerment and leadership program participants (cumulative total) 32
Ratio of women in management positions 7.90% (Reference: 15% target by March 31, 2026)
Ratio of employees returning to work after taking childcare leave (number of employees having completed childcare leave in fiscal 2021) 100% (22/22 people)
Ratio of employees taking childcare leave and childcare-related time off by women/men (employees with newborn children during fiscal 2021) Women 90.3%
Men 20.8%
(108.3% when including special time off for childcare) Rehiring system registrants 26
Employees who use reduced working hours for childcare and nursing care 53
Seminars for finding childcare facilities (cumulative total) 236