Investment in the Common Shares of Global Positioning Augmentation Services for the Realization of the Start of Information Distribution Services That Utilize High-Precision Positioning (Special Investment Operations)

Global Positioning Augmentation Services Corporation (headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; "GPAS") was established in June 2017 through an investment by 10 companies, including leader Hitachi Zosen Corporation (headquarters: Osaka, Osaka Prefecture) and DBJ. The company carries out the commercialization of global, high-precision (centimeter-level) positioning augmentation services.

In recent years, the opportunities for using high-precision positioning information have been growing, mainly in the fields of agriculture, construction, and disaster prevention. This demand is expanding worldwide, and not only to overseas lands but also to the sea lanes that connect them. In Japan, the quasi-zenith satellite-4, Michibiki, was successfully launched in October 2017. It is expected to foster the creation of various services that use high-precision positioning information.

This project involved investment in the company's common shares, mainly by existing shareholders. This investment will go toward the establishment of facilities required going forward and the strengthening of the R&D system to promote commercialization.

The realization of autonomous driving via GPAS's positioning technology and the establishment of the relevant services will not only improve the competitiveness of Japanese products, including cars, farming machinery and construction equipment, but also enhance productivity, chiefly for transportation services but also in the sectors of the agricultural and construction industries that use autonomous driving technologies. Given that GPAS's technology is expected to contribute to the strengthening of the competitiveness of industries in Japan, DBJ embarked on the provision of support through its Special Investment Operations.