Syndicated Loans

About Syndicated Loans

A syndicated loan is a financing arrangement by a group of lenders (syndicated group) consisting of several financial institutions organized by an arranger (managing financial institution). The group works together to provide financing based on a single contract under the same contractual conditions.

The benefits for customers include alleviating the burden of negotiations with a financial institution by centralizing operations with the arranger, who serves as the main contact; alleviating the burden of office management by having the agent handle financial settlements and other tasks; flexibly procuring large capital amounts; expanding the scope of transactions with financial institutions, through invitation by the arranger; and securing transparency of borrowing conditions.

DBJ provides distinct services that improve value in combination mainly with its unique financing menu, including active financing arrangements; mainly term loans; a wide range of financial institutions it can collaborate with using its impartial position; and its Environmentally Rated Loan Program.


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