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Welcome to DBJ Green Building Certification

Concept & objective

  • DBJ defines green buildings as real estate properties evincing high environmental and social awareness—more specifically, those demonstrating high consideration not only on construction specifications and environmental features but also on the following points:
    • Disaster-prevention & anticrime measures
    • Tenants' comfort & convenience
    • Harmony with the surrounding environment & community
    • Collaboration with stakeholders (e.g. tenants and investors)
    • Environmental IR activities
  • DBJ developed a simple and practical scoring model designed to meet the practical needs of the owners of the buildings and the stakeholders. This easily understandable model can function as a dialogue facilitator for both the owners and the stakeholders.
  • This green buildings certification will enhance your standing in the Japanese real estate market and work as an effective support tool for your IR and CSR activities.
  • Taking into account this certification, DBJ, with its diverse series of financial instruments, will support your financial needs for new developments and refurbishments.
  • Our mid-term focus is on taking initiatives that help promote awareness of green buildings and increase their numbers, thus developing and nurturing a real estate finance market in which green buildings are properly evaluated.


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