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DBJ BCM Rated Loan Program

DBJ became the first in the world to offer an advantageous loan program to companies that took steps toward disaster risk reduction (DRR), business continuity management (BCM) and enterprise resilience.

We are facing new global risks in terms of trends related to climate change, cyber security, new technology, geopolitics and various natural disasters.

DBJ encourages all entities to create a business culture of integrated risk management and multi-stakeholder partnership to build a sustainable and resilient future.


Applying financial expertise to design a resilient future


About DBJ BCM Rated Loan Program


  • Loans with discounted interest rates according to the BCM Rating
    DBJ evaluates the risk management efforts of corporations and applies three different interest levels based on the result of the evaluation.
  • Fair and neutral evaluation based on global risk management trends
    Every year, DBJ convenes a BCM Ratings Advisory Committee to update its screening sheet, reflecting international DRR and risk management tendencies.
  • Ratings, determined through interviews with clients
    DBJ conducts interviews directly with the people in charge.
  • Many evaluation results
    The details are here.
  • Applicability to a wide range of clients
    The Program covers various industries and company sizes, from regional medium-sized companies to large companies.
  • Use of Program logo
    Companies that are rated under the DBJ BCM Rated Loan Program can use the Program’s logo in their publications, including on their websites.




Overview of BCM screening
  • Approximately 100-part questionnaire for evaluating each client's risk management efforts from two major aspects: disaster risk reduction and business continuity
  • Annual review by the BCM Advisory Committee, including external experts, to incorporate aspects reflecting market developments
Assessment items

Assessment items

  • Assignment of BCM Rating through preliminary screening, interviews and secondary screening
  • Rating details made available to companies specified by the client, following execution of the loan
Target clients

Clients who are located in Japan and meet the requirements established by DBJ

Use of funds

As with ordinary loans, open-ended in principle (except for loans with interest subsidy)


Record of financing through the DBJ BCM Rated Loan Program

A total of 282 billion yen in loans (233 projects), as of March 31, 2016


Companies using the Program

List of companies using the DBJ BCM Rated Loan Program (PDF,131KB)



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