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Debt restructuring

In the ways outlined below, DBJ addresses client issues by supporting debt restructuring initiatives.


  • Provide medium- to long-term funding to help overcome differences between operating cash flow receipts and debt repayment timing
  • Stabilize and improve the financial balance by shifting from short-term to medium- and long-term financing
  • Stabilize operating revenues and expenses through fixed-rate medium- to long-term financing
  • Diversify and raise the flexibility of funding by taking on subordinated loans

Work with clients to formulate and review specific business plans, and then provide medium- to long-term, mezzanine or other types of financing

Case Study

USJ Co., Ltd.

In this case, shoring up the company's finances through a preferred stock issue, we proposed a refinancing solution that was instrumental in enabling USJ to list its shares. The outcome was positive for the company and the myriad people who are associated with the park's operation.


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