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Public Sector

Business Support for Efficient and Effective Provision of Diverse Public Services

In addition to providing financial support for public tie-up initiatives, DBJ gives advice on the supply of information and realization of projects in tune with the individual needs of each local authority. We also conduct investigations into fund procurement initiatives utilizing our regional regeneration and financial expertise and nationwide network of branches and offices.

Case Study

Financial Support

New project start-ups (utilizing a spectrum of public enterprise expertise, from establishment through operation)

Haneda PFI

As the lead arranger for the project finance of this private finance initiative (PFI), DBJ constructed a flexible finance scheme that provides business support from operational start-up through the longer term (up to 30 years).

Hoyo no Yado Himi

DBJ formulated an investment and loan scheme using project finance procedures and provided the funds necessary for Hoyo no Yado Himi to purchase the facilities it required and to ensure continuity of business.

Advisory Support

We provide the following advice, utilizing our regional regeneration and financial expertise.

  • Advice regarding public-sector business procedures (PFI, PPP, etc.)
  • Comprehensive advice on future public asset utilization (support with asset management measures, asset utilization plans using financial procedures, partial asset/service privatization of management and/or operation, etc.)
  • Advice on local government finance based on the Law Relating to the Financial Soundness of Local Governments
  • Advice for local-government-run hospitals (provision of information, links to reports, etc.)


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