Imparting Multifaceted Support to Charmant, a Leading Company in the Sabae Eyewear Industrial Cluster

Sabae, Fukui Prefecture, is home to an eyewear frame industrial cluster. More than 90 percent of Japan's eyewear frames are produced here. Sabae glasses offer a good fit and are light-weight and sturdy. They are recognized worldwide as high-quality eyewear.

Charmant Inc (headquarters: Sabae, Fukui Prefecture) is a leading company in Japan's eyewear frame industry. It produces and sells high-value-added eyewear frames. The frames are unlike any before in their sturdiness and comfort, reflecting the company's success in developing a new material, dubbed "excellence titanium," and laser micro-machining technologies, owing to its high technical prowess and active government-academic-industrial collaborations. In addition, in recent years, the company has entered the medical device field, leveraging its precision processing technologies nurtured through its eyewear frame production. The company is working with partner manufacturers in Sabae to undertake the development of a medical industry cluster, with Charmant at the center.

In addition to regular investment and financing, DBJ has provided financing via its proprietary Employees' Health Management Rated Loan Program. DBJ commended the company's measures for taking into consideration the health of its employees and improving productivity. DBJ's support has been multifaceted, not just financial--for example, DBJ also disseminated information about Charmant at the Nikkei Regional Revitalization Forum. DBJ aims to continue to support this leading company in the medical industry cluster as well as contribute to the development of Sabae, a core industrial area, through Charmant's growth.