Underwriting Preferred Shares for the Renewable Energy Business of biokurasix Handa, Which Uses Regional Resources (Special Investment Operations)

DBJ managed the underwriting of preferred shares for biokurasix Handa Ltd. (headquarters: Handa, Aichi Prefecture).

biokurasix Handa operates a biogas generation business, which is the core business of the Biomass Industry City Concept for Handa City, which was certified by the government as a biomass industry city.*

The business operations of biokurasix Handa are based on the theme of urban development which will be boasted about in the future by combining regional recycling systems with advanced agriculture. From the surrounding region, the company collects biomass resources and manure from dairy cows. These are fermented to create methane gas, which is then used for power generation. In addition, the company gives back to the local agricultural community by providing heat, fertilizer and CO2 generated by this process. These activities--including reusing organic resources, promoting new farming, reducing the odor from cattle manure, and meeting expectations of electrical power supply during disasters--contribute to solving regional issues.

Through its Special Investment Operations, DBJ financially supported those business operations of biokurasix Handa which contribute to the solving of regional issues via its renewable energy business, which utilizes regional resources.

*Biomass industry regions build local economy-focused integrated systems, aiming to develop towns and villages that are eco-friendly and disaster resilient, centering around the biomass industry, which utilizes regional characteristics.