Provision of Non-recourse Loan Provided to Digital Osaka 1 (Special Purpose Company with Large-Scale Data Center)

Current demand supports increases in not only the number of data centers but also their scale and capacity, all owing to their use as facilities and platforms to process and store data, which is increasing rapidly in tandem with the spread of cloud services and the development of technologies, including AI, IoT, and VR. Meanwhile, in Japan there is limited supply of hyper-scale data centers that can handle the processing and storage of large volumes of data.

In light of this, Mitsubishi Corporation (headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) and the world's largest data center operator, Digital Realty Trust, Inc. (headquarters: US), established a joint venture, MC Digital Realty Inc., in 2017, embarking on measures to expand the supply of hyper-scale data centers in Japan.

DBJ used the knowhow it had cultivated in real estate financing and communication infrastructures to build a platform for data center financing. Using this platform, DBJ extended a non-recourse loan to special purpose company Digital Osaka 1, the first SPC with its own data center.

DBJ anticipates that demand will continue to increase going forward and plans to leverage the knowledge and financial capabilities it has nurtured thus far to help promote the establishment of data centers in Japan.