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[[News]]DBJ Green Building Certification Conferred
on HK Yodoyabashi Garden Avenue
Owned by Sekisui House REIT, Inc.

Development Bank of Japan Inc. (Masanori Yanagi, President and Chief Executive Officer) has conferred DBJ Green Building Certification on HK Yodoyabashi Garden Avenue, owned by Sekisui House REIT, Inc. (Junichi Inoue, Executive Director).

1. DBJ Green Building Certifications

DBJ’s Green Building Certification system provides a means of assessing building design in terms of present-day demands. Its aim is to promote the construction of buildings which exhibit environmental and social awareness in aspects such as tenant comfort, convenience, disaster-prevention and anticrime measures. DBJ also supports the efforts of real estate owners to meet the social requirements of stakeholders: their tenants, asset managers and investors.

2. DBJ Green Building Certification Ranking

Building NameLocationCertification Rank
HK Yodoyabashi Garden AvenueOsaka-shi, Osaka4 stars

DBJ’s commendation reflects the building’s excellence in the following aspects.

(1)Cultivating an eco-friendly approach: introduction of LED lightning and Building Energy Management System*.
(2)Outstanding initiative for Business Continuity Plan: introduction of damping structure and setting up emergency generator.
(3)Consideration to Biological diversity: vegetation considering ecosystem and planting plenty of trees attracting birds.

* The Building Energy Management System serves to reduce the amount of energy consumed in the operation of building equipment.

For detailed information on the assessment system, please visit the following website managed by DBJ and the Japan Real Estate Institute: http://igb.jp/

Providing financial services and building certification with integrated support is in keeping with DBJ’s corporate philosophy: “Applying Financial Expertise to Design the Future. We apply creative financing to resolve client issues as we work to earn the trust of our clients and help them prosper.”

HK Yodoyabashi Garden Avenue
Fushimimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

HK淀屋橋ガーデンアベニュー  Site area:2,368.39m²
 Floor area:16,953.28m²
 Completion:July 2015
 Number of stories:
  13 above ground, 2 basement level


 Properties with exceptionally high
   environmental & social

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