DBJ Adopts Equator Principles

Development Bank of Japan Inc. (DBJ) today adopted the Equator Principles, a voluntary framework designed to ensure that in extending loans to large-scale projects, financial institutions give due consideration to the impact of such projects on the natural environment and local communities.

Based on the Equator Principles, DBJ will identify a project's environmental and social risks and assess their impact. When these are deemed significant, the Bank will ask the project operator to take mitigating steps.

For more information on the Equator Principles, please visit the English-language website of the Equator Principles Association: https://equator-principles.com/.

DBJ's corporate philosophy is to "apply financial expertise to design the future: to open up new frontiers to resolve the issues of our clients and the community while promoting sustainable development for Japan and the world." In keeping with these principles, we actively support our clients' efforts to build a more sustainable society.

Environmental and Social Assessment Office, Structured Finance Department
Telephone: 03-3244-1590

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